Q: Why do I have to pay to attend L&B XX?  I’ve never paid to attend a letterboxing event before.

A:  L&B XX is going to be an “all-inclusive” event like a retreat or summer camp.  L&Bs only happen once every five years, and not only will there be a huge variety of amazing boxing, there will also be some cool extras that will make this event extra-special.  In order to bring you an event of this size, though, it’s unavoidable that some costs will be incurred, such as venue rental, entertainment, event supplies, and so on.  Rest assured we are doing our best to keep costs as low as possible while still making this an event to remember.  All the people running this event are good-hearted volunteers who are doing this because they love letterboxing.  Trust us – NO ONE is making any money off of this event!  🙂  In fact, in addition to our time, many of us volunteers are also kicking in funds out of our own pockets for carving materials, boxes, decorations, and so on.  So yes, there is a cost to attend, but we hope you feel it is worth it and you come on down to Central Texas to box with us at L&B XX!