Q:  How can I get from ABIA (Austin Bergstrom International Airport) to McKinney Roughs?

A:  There is no public transportation to or from the park.  The AQ event page has a place to match drivers with riders, so check that out if you need a ride or can give a ride.  Uber and Lyft both operate in Austin, but please consider using a local service called Ride Austin (www.rideaustin.com).  Ride Austin is a local nonprofit, it operates exactly like Uber and Lyft, and according to local drivers, a larger percentage of the fee you pay goes to the driver than with the commercial services.  If you select the registration package that includes all accommodations and food, you should not need a car for the weekend.  However, if you plan to stay in a hotel or travel outside the park, you will need definitely need a car.  This is Texas, after all, and in Texas, we DRIVE a lot.

Note that both ABIA and the entrance to McKinney Roughs are both on Route 71, so it is a pretty simple drive.  The only complication is that a short portion of 71 is a toll road near the intersection of 71 and 130.  To avoid the toll road, just follow the signs for 71 (without the word TOLL) and do not take the toll flyover bridge over 130.