Puzzles, Ciphers, and Mysteries

This page contains links to special boxes at the event which you may need time to work on. Most of these clues will also be in the event clue book.

While the clues are available early, these boxes are NOT AVAILABLE currently.  They will be placed shortly before the event.

Texas Gem – a mystery box by Open Space

Texas Cipher – by Open Space

Ce N’est Pas Du Bacon – by Aunt Agatha (updated 10-18-18)

1837 is for Longhorn…or Letterboxing – by Gryzzled Gryphon

Cross Words in Texas – by Oberon_Kenobi

El Chupacabra – by 4EyesMcGee (updated 10-18-18)

Williedillo – by 4EyesMcGee

Elixir of Erebor – by Open Space

Cowboys – by Boxer Lover47

Texas Hold’em – by Bell Motel – A royal flush beats all hands 😉  (learn more at the event!)

Texas Bacon Bash! by dingus dufus (stamp by Mim)


These clues are formatted so you can print them and fold in half to carry with your clue-book at the event!  Be sure to print in landscape format.