Event shirts available!

We now have event shirts available to order from Zazzle!  Please read this before you order!

The artwork for our shirts was hand drawn by Boots Tex and converted into a vector for the shirts.  This is also the design for the event stamp!

Design color: There are two designs – white and black.  Order the black design for light colors, the white design for darker colors.  The previews for black on dark colors don’s show the contrast accurately!

Shirt style: Many styles are available.  Click on the style text below the size option to select your shirt style.  The men’s basic style is the least expensive and is your typical unisex shirt.  Some of the styles run small (especially the women’s styles) so please read the reviews or order a size larger.

Price: The shirt price depends on style and color.  Zazzle has frequent sales and coupons.  Don’t buy these at full price.  The basic styles are often 30% (and even %40) off, but sales are very short.  And for full disclosure, I (Open Space) get a 5% commission on sales (this is the lowest Zazzle lets us set it).

Delivery: Zazzle is an independent website and will ship your order to you.  Shirts CAN NOT be picked up at the event, so please order early enough to receive them before the event.