Event Rules and Guidelines

1. Your lanyard and name tag are your entrance pass and meal ticket, please keep them with you.

2. The park requested we stay out of several areas while letterboxing.  No boxes will be in these areas, so please avoid them:

  • Obstacle course and climbing wall
  • Front entrance of the park
  • Private property between the park and Highway 71 (Agilent and another business own this). These are shown on park maps.

3. Overnight guests need to bring their own bedding, pillow, towels, and toiletries for the dorms.

4. Alcohol policy:  We will not serve alcohol at the event.  If you bring your own, be discreet.

5. No smoking in any facilities. LCRA is a tobacco free property.  An area outside the dining hall is available if needed.

6. Animals are not permitted in any facilities, with the exception of service animals

7. Parking is allowed only in the designated parking areas. Please do not park on any grass or landscaped areas.

8. Due to security, maintenance and cleanliness reasons, no external doors are to be left propped open.

Waiver and legal stuff:

EVENT ATTENDEE agrees to assume the risk of any injury or damage to person or property arising from the event, and, does hereby RELEASE, ACQUIT and FOREVER DISCHARGE LCRA and EVENT HOST from any and all manner of causes of action, lawsuits, claims, demands, judgments and damages of every kind and character, known or unanticipated, including all personal injuries (including death) and property damages caused by or resulting from the condition or use of any motor drive equipment at or of the facility during the event.

Event attendee agrees to indemnify and hold LCRA and Event Host harmless from all injuries to persons and property caused, in whole or in part, by any acts or negligence related to the use of the facility under this Agreement, including acts or negligence of any of the Event attendees, members, contractors, agents or guests in connection with the Event Host’s activities at the facility.


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